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How to Use a Betting System

I am a technophobe. If I can use a piece of technology to do something – whether it’s for work or for leisure – I will do so. But when it comes to making your picks for horse races, does technology apply as well? Should you rely on computer programs when it comes to betting on horse races?

There are many computer programs, or software, available these days that are designed to help you select horses to bet on. The idea is simple, actually. The program is fed data that you would normally see in form books and past race results. At the click of your mouse, the program will give you selections based on the data that is inputted.

If you think about it, it is actually the same as going over those form books and past racing results yourself. You are only mechanizing the process, making it faster and giving you less work.


So why am I sending off vibes which do not seem to be all positive (with regard to the software)? The answer is this: while computer programs can accurately give you selections based on the data inputted, the results are limited by the nature of the information you feed them. Software can only read hard facts. They do not take into consideration other factors that may come into play when you actually select your horses “manually.”

What I am saying is that computer programs can help you to a certain extent but I would not suggest relying solely on them. Use a program and then trust your instincts as well.

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Going Racing in 2016

Though most of the focus in horse racing has come to be placed in the United States, horse racing in Great Britain cannot be overlooked today.  It is still one popular activity over there for many people of all ages.  Today, there are around 59 racecourses all throughout Britain.  These racecourses vary widely to suit each and every taste and budget.

The numerous racecourses are broadly categorized into the following groups:

•   Members (also called Club or Premier) Enclosure This is the high end option for going to the horse races.  Racecourses which fall under the Members Enclosure category often offer the best viewing and other facilities.  Though the name may be misleading, anyone can book a ticket for a Members course.  It’s just that the members of the course carry a badge that allow them more access.

•    Tattersalls (also called Grandstand or Paddock) Enclosure The largest enclosure of the bunch.  You would expect this place to be crowded and buzzing with activity all throughout the day.  More than betting, you can find other activities such as eating and drinking and socializing.

•    Silver Ring (also called Course or Park) Enclosure Known to be the least formal and least expensive of them all.  Perhaps one reason is that from this enclosure, you cannot see the Parade Ring or the Winners Enclosure.  Still, you get to see the horses on the racecourse and for many, that is all that they want.  You can also get food and drink in this enclosure but the trend is to bring along food for a picnic.

It is easy to feel intimidated when you go to a meeting for the first time but remember this, there will be countless other people all in the same boat as you and not knowing what to do. The bookmakers and betting firms are used to this. Do not ever be scared to ask them for advice because at the end of their day if their help assists you to place a bet then they make money.

You can always tell the novices because they are unsure of where to go or what to do. Their novice and beginner status is highlighted when you hear them speak. So get yourself off to the races and have a great time and stop worrying.

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Getting the better of the Betting Firms

It isn’t really difficult to find winners in horse racing just like it isn’t difficult to buy shares in stocks that rise. The reason why people don’t make money buying shares or why most of them don’t is because of dealer spreads, slippage and not following the fundamentals of trading. Transaction costs are the death knell of people that trade on shares as well as having insufficient information. The transaction costs in horse racing are given to us in the form of the bookmakers overround. When all of the odds of the all of the competitors are added together then the figure should be 100%.

The fact that it isn’t means that the difference between what the real figure should be and what the bookmakers give you is their potential profit margin! It isn’t difficult to find a winner in a horse race……a novice with no knowledge of horse racing could find the likely winner simply by looking at who the favourite was. The bookmakers allow you to bet on whatever horse you want with one exception……you have to take the odds that they present to you.

I often discuss betting on my poker blog quite a lot and whether you are betting in horse racing or poker, betting skill is still the same. To beat the bookmakers then you need an edge and that comes from either them being wrong about the odds or you having inside knowledge. Unfortunately for us the betting firms are not often wrong.

Most of the industry follows the leaders who have the best odds compilers and the best contacts. So when they make their first show then the rest of the betting firms quickly base their tissue around that. So you are in effect taking on an industry that has the collective wisdom that encompasses the finest betting minds in the country and the best contacts.

There is simply no room for error but there is a way to get the better of bookmakers and it is to bet against the mug money. Quite often the betting firms will price up a race knowing that certain odds are wrong but are willing to allow that to happen because they know that the mugs will steam into much shorter odds than they should about a well hyped horse.

So the answer to the question of “can you beat the bookies” is that essentially you cannot. This is simply because you cannot possibly stop them from taking money from mugs and so essentially you cannot defeat their strategy by stopping them from making money. What your goal is in betting is to divert some of their profits from the mugs across to you and that is how you beat them. Essentially you are fighting for a percentage of the mug money and the mug money travels from the mugs to the bookmakers and then rapidly to shrewd punters.

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Betting on Horse Races

Betting on horse races may probably be one of the oldest forms of gambling in the modern world. Initially, only members of the upper crust watched and bet on the outcome of the races but, during the depression, more people started attending horse races. What initially started as an alternative form of entertainment – something to do to while away the time, became one of the most popular gambling activities in the world along with poker which these days also means online poker .

Regular attendees of horse races already know which horses are worth gambling on, and which steeds are not. If you are new to this game, you won’t have that advantage and, chances are, you may just bet on the horse that looks nice or has an easy to remember name.

Betting on horses, however, is easier than it seems. Just like pro athletes, horses too have statistics and these can be viewed through the horse-racing information flyer which you can easily obtain at selected areas of the race track. The flyer lists down all the races scheduled for that day and all the horses slated to race. Underneath or beside the name of the horse, are statistics. Highlighted are details of the horse’s last few races (what his standing is at the end of the race), where the races where held, when he last ran and other information which would aid newbies in deciding which horse to bet on.

When reading the statistics, see how many winning streaks the horse has had. How he performed in a particular kind of race (in terms of distance), and the horse last ran, are other factors which you should look at and consider. From there, you can interpolate or interpret the figures. Do you think that the horse will reach his peak during the race? Will he be tired after running several races or will he be raring to go?

Prior to the races, you can also go around the race track. Normally, the horses that will be running in the next race warm up or trot in a pre-designated area that can be viewed by the public. Through this, you can gauge the physical attributes of the horses and can make a decision based on this.

You can also check on the odds. If you want to win big, bet on the horse that is least likely to win. Horses that are favored to win have smaller odds and the return you get from a bet will not be substantial.

Carl Sampson is an online poker player and poker ambassador for 888poker

Increasing Your Horse Racing Knowledge

Ever since the Internet became popular among the general public, forums have cropped up all over the place.  They have served as venues for people from all over the world to exchange ideas and opinions.  In this respect, the horse racing world has not been left behind.  In fact, there are countless horse racing forums to be found online today.

What is the primary purpose of a horse racing forum?  It is basically for people to post questions or comments and to get feedback from other people with the same interests or inclinations.  As such, a horse racing forum can be a veritable treasure trove of information, for both the beginner and veteran.

In a horse racing forum you can learn all about different types of horse races, from Thoroughbred to Arabian to Harness.  More than that, you can garner information regarding tipsters, jockeys, trainers, betting, systems and others.  It is quite obvious that horse racing forums offer a lot of possibilities and advantages.

Of course, there might be some information that are not as accurate as you would like it to be.  To avoid spam and other useless information, horse racing forums normally have regulations as to the content and manner of posting.  That is why membership is encouraged.  This is one way to keep track of who is posting what and to implement censure if need be.

The bottom line is that yes, horse racing forums are quite useful as long as members are responsible and that you know how to filter the information that you get from them. What you are doing at the end of the day is using other peoples’ knowledge and joining what is effectively a think tank of expertise.

No one person can ever come close to knowing everything in poker or horse racing or financial trading or whatever. This is why as long as you talk to the right people then horse racing forums can be a valuable source of knowledge. You may if you are lucky even meet people that have connections with certain stables and it is all about making friends and contacts.

Carl Sampson is an online poker pro and poker ambassador for 888poker

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