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Going Racing in 2016

Though most of the focus in horse racing has come to be placed in the United States, horse racing in Great Britain cannot be overlooked today.  It is still one popular activity over there for many people of all ages.  Today, there are around 59 racecourses all throughout Britain.  These racecourses vary widely to suit […]

Why Not Go Racing?

There must be a reason why attending and betting on horse races have remained a popular past time similar to online poker and other gambling activities all through these years, and it’s definitely not because of the money that a person, who manages to correctly predict the winner of a race (or two), stands to […]

Horse Racing around Europe

Italy is well known around the world for its numerous attractions.  However, there are some less known places and activities that would catch the attention of some people.  One of the lesser known places in this wonderful country is Sienna.  Located in about an hour from Florence, this medieval town has a lot to offer. […]

Royal Ascot Racing a Few Weeks Away; One of Racing’s Most Prestigious Events

Racing, Ascot by Steve & Jemma Copley Racing as Ascot. Royal style. It’s billed as the world’s most famous racetrack and who could deny that, seeing as it’s 300 years old. I’m talking of course, of Ascot. And with all the talk about Epsom Downs, I would be remiss (as a huge racing fan) if […]

Weekend at Epsom Downs; The Oaks on Friday, the Epsom Derby Saturday, Drawing Worldwide Attention

Epsom Derby 2010 – Workforce cantering down to the start by monkeywing While a lot of the attention (deservedly so) is on Saturday’s Epsom Derby, I’ve got to give a loud shout out to Friday’s spotlight race: the Oaks, a fillies’ Classic, also at Epsom, where the prohibitive favorite is Colima. If you plan on […]

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