Giving you the edge at the race track.

The World of Horse Racing is Great Fun

Horse racing is a classic gambling opportunity. Many Vegas sportsbooks are combined with horse racing betting parlors, and of course there are plenty of opportunities to bet on horse racing online and win huge amount of bonus just like online casino bonus. If you want to be successful at horse racing, you’ll probably want to […]

So You Want to go Horse Racing

Here are some general terms used in horse racing that you need to know. Basic vocabulary is important to learn and this makes no difference to whether you ar learning to play online poker to go into combat down at your local race track. Across the board – this means you bet on a horse […]

The Dynamics of Poker Games

What makes games like no limit Texas hold’em so interesting is that almost no two table line ups will ever be the same. A mixture of different players, stack sizes, frame of mind and everything else means that an almost infinite number of variables exist. However some poker games have a very close similarity with […]

How to Use a Betting System

I am a technophobe. If I can use a piece of technology to do something – whether it’s for work or for leisure – I will do so. But when it comes to making your picks for horse races, does technology apply as well? Should you rely on computer programs when it comes to betting […]

Getting the better of the Betting Firms

It isn’t really difficult to find winners in horse racing just like it isn’t difficult to buy shares in stocks that rise. The reason why people don’t make money buying shares or why most of them don’t is because of dealer spreads, slippage and not following the fundamentals of trading. Transaction costs are the death […]

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