Giving you the edge at the race track.

There is Nothing Like Being There

These days, old timers claim that the art of paddock inspection is fast on its way out. Yet they all say the same thing – paddock inspection is one useful tool when it comes to handicapping. If you want to get that edge that you have been looking for, then paddock inspection might just do […]

Betting Like a Pro

The real professionals these days in horse racing know the rules of the game, they know the tricks that they need for success and how to buck the system. What you need to remember in horse race betting these days is that your enemy is the betting firms and they are very formidable enemies these […]

Why Not Go Racing?

There must be a reason why attending and betting on horse races have remained a popular past time similar to online poker and other gambling activities all through these years, and it’s definitely not because of the money that a person, who manages to correctly predict the winner of a race (or two), stands to […]

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