Giving you the edge at the race track.

Horse Race in Australia Postponed When Track is Overrun by Kangaroos

OK. Now I’ve heard just about everything. A horse racing event in Australia had to be postponed recently, after the track was invaded by a group of kangaroos.

Positive Racing Industry Legislation Awaits Signature of N.J. Governor Chris Christie. But Will He Sign?

Some potentially good news for the horse racing business in New Jersey…. And good new for folks like me who love to gamble on races. Legislation geared toward the horse racing industry unanimously passed

A Last Word About the Horse of the Year (for 2010): Zenyatta

Those of you who read this weekly posting know of my fondness for Zenyatta and how I’ve lobbied for her to be named horse of the year for 2010. So when that happened this past week, I (and millions of others) couldn’t have been happier. I loved watching this horse. The honor ended the suspense […]

Harbinger is Voted Best in the U.K.; Champion Race Horse is Now Out to Stud

Hoorah for Harbinger. If you’re a British racing fan, as I am, this news came as no big surprise. HARBINGER was crowned as the top performer of 2010 in the U.K. after the World Thoroughbred Rankings were released. Harbinger was undefeated in four starts last season, culminating in an 11 length win in the King […]

Zenyatta on My Mind: She Receives Special Award This Month

I can’t get my mind off Zenyatta. And that last race of hers, when she lost by a nose at the Breeder’s Cup. Love that horse. What heart. Meanwhile, the individuals who helped Zenyatta become one of the most recognizable sports stars of 2010 will be honored with a special Eclipse Award

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