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L.A. Times Editorial Nails it: Horse Racing Needs More Stars, Like Zenyatta, to Create Interest

Kudos to the Los Angeles Times for an editorial I read on Christmas eve. I think one of their opinion writers nailed it, when it comes to horse racing’s future, in particular in the state of California, but really….everywhere there is horse racing. To paraphrase him, he (Bill Barish) wrote that nowhere is there more […]

To All Our Loyal Viewers Around the World….

We wish you and your family a very, merry Christmas. And many wins at your favorite track.

Bad Weather in Europe, in the U.K., Affecting Turf Racing

I have a friend who was born in Wales and likes to spend his Christmas holiday with relatives… enjoying their company, sure. But a turf racing fan, he’s always used his trips to the U.K. as an excuse to bet racing. This year, thanks to the horrible winter storms in Europe,

Let’s Get Dirty: Santa Anita Racetrack Reverts to All Dirt (Bye Bye Synthetic Turf)

Santa Anita Park in California is one of my all time great destinations. Great place to see a race. Good slate of races annually. So I’m happy to see the owners revert the main track to an all dirt track. This past week the owners unveiled its new, all-dirt main track Monday, allowing thoroughbred horses […]

New Jersey Considers Allowing Internet Account Wagering on Horse Races (from Bettors Outside the State)

This is a big deal. It’s amazing what a state that is broke will do to raise money. Like consider allowing internet account wagering on horse races from bettors outside N.J. Legislation that would permit just that has been introduced in the state Assembly. Account wagering is a form of wagering in which an account […]

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