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Expert Panel in Vegas Attempts to Figure Out How to Revive Interest in Horse Racing

Look, those of you who religiously come to this site week after week I know are horse racing fans as am I. But the fact is, that to most people, horse racing these days means the triple crown and Breeders Cup. And that’s it. Sad. But true. At least in the U.S.A. Horse racing venues […]

More “Blind Luck”? Trainer Hollendorfer Hopes Lightning Strikes Twice with “Cathy Crunches”

Well, sometimes lightning does strike twice. Doesn’t happen often, but trainer Jerry Hollendorfer hopes it does with Cathy Crunches, a 2 year old filly. He bought the horse after she won in her debut in June at Calder Race Course, in Miami. Shakes of Blind Luck. The triainer is hoping that Cathy Crunches is as good […]

Breeders’ Cup Alert: Zenyatta Loses by a Head, Finishes Career at 19-1

It was a helluva race. Everyone, I think, was rooting for Zenyatta (around the world), but the mare just came up a head short in an absolutely spectacular stretch run. If the race was just a few yards longer, she would have won. No doubt. But let’s give Blame some credit, he held off the […]

Breeders’ Cup Fight: Did You See That Tussle Between Jockeys? Wasn’t That Cool?

For a moment I thought I was watching the World Wrestling Federation. Two top rated jockeys fighting in public. Mind you, jockeys, like everyone else have fights. Sometimes fist fights. But usually it is behind closed doors. This time, at the Breeder’s Cup…it was like two coaches fighting on the field at the Super Bowl. […]

Breeder’s Cup Alert: Zenyatta Established as 8-5 Favorite

Her reputation preceeds her. Zenyatta, maybe one of the best horse ever bred for racing will put her perfect 19-0 record on the line this Saturday and odds makers have established her as an 8-5 favorite. With good reason. So, the $5 million Breeder’s Cup Classic is hers for the taking. It happens this weekend […]

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