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In the U.K., Free Race Admission in April Used to Attract New Fans

I love this story, which I heard about on the BBC. [OK, I’m a nerd. I monitor the BBC] Eight British race courses will open their gates for free over six days between Monday 26 April and Saturday 1 May. Ain’t that cool? Taking part are some of Britain’s biggest racing venues such as Ascot, […]

R.I.P. Dick Francis, Jockey and Famous Mystery Writer, Dead at 89

A slight departure from the norm this week, if you’ll bear with me. A legend (literary) passed away this week. Someone who was so closely aligned to the horse racing world that I thought it absolutely appropriate to talk about it in this forum. Dick Francis was indeed  a champion steeplechase jockey for the British […]

Yahoo! Looks Like We Might See Some Improvements in Wyoming’s Struggling Horse Racing Business

Well, finally. Someone (in the Wyoming legistlature) is waking up. You have an industry. A struggling horse racing industry…and you’re letting it fall apart in this economy when we need every job possible? Not only that…I love to watch horse racing. OK…the Wyoming Senate Revenue Committee struggled early this week  with a bill to improve […]

Corruption in Ireland; How Serious is the Irish Horse Racing Regulator?

This, from our correspondent in Ireland. By the way, no matter where you are reading this, from any country in the world that stages horse racing, I want to hear from you. If you have information, I’ll get it online. Just email me or send me a comment and I’ll get back to you. Now, […]

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