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Top 3 Betting Tips To Make You Successful In Horseracing

Betting in horse racing can be the most fun activity that you engage in, that is, if you know how to go about it and win as much as you can. Backing losing horses all of the time is not that much fun, let me tell you. With these top 3 tips, however, you can […]

A Look At The Monkey Crouch

The monkey crouch is something that many horse racing fans take for granted today. After all, we’ve always seen jockeys ride their horses this way – feet in the stirrups and squatting high up. But did you know that prior to 1897, jockeys rode their horses with their legs dangling down the sides? Yep, it […]

Horsemen’s Park 12th Annual Live Racing Festival

From July 16 to July 19, horseracing enthusiasts in Omaha and neighboring areas will have the time of their lives. The 12th Annual Live Racing Festival will be held at Horseman’s Park at 6303 “Q” Street. Year in and year out, this festival attracts a lot of people, not only because of the live horse […]

Betfair Sets Foot On U.S. Horseracing Territory

Betting on horse races is still strictly regulated in the United States. While horse racing is not exactly taboo, it is by no means as “acceptable” as, say, shopping online. With the easing of gambling regulations in the U.S. though, it seems that there is hope in the horizon. In fact, companies from other countries […]

UK Firm To Detect Steroids In Horses

The use of steroids in sports has long been a source of controversy. From basketball to football to cycling to running – drug testing is as much part of the game as regular training and exercise. I suppose that the desire to be better and to come out on top just overwhelms common sense in […]

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