Giving you the edge at the race track.

Select Racing Club Gives Power To Punters

Every punter dreams of owning a race horse one day. For most people, this dream remains just that – a dream. Owning an ordinary horse is not a cheap thing; owning a race horse even more expensive. As such, many of us have to content ourselves with betting and watching horses race without the satisfaction […]

Horse Racing In Iraq

Horse racing probably isn’t the first thing that comes to mind when Iraq is mentioned. After all, the country is still on the road to recovery after the war. Indeed, battles are fought all over the country on a daily basis. Why would horse racing be at the top of anyone’s list in Iraq? But […]

More Useful Betting Tips

In the previous post, we took a look at some things that you can consider when betting on horse races. Those are tried and tested tips, trust me. Here are a few more which I would like to share with you. Learn to accept losing. This is a basic concept. As with any other gambling […]

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