Giving you the edge at the race track.

Useful Horse Racing Betting Tips

So you’re new to horse race betting? I have two main things to tell you. One, do not be overconfident and think that you can just jump into the water without equipping yourself. No matter that you think you have the talent to win big. You have to know the basics of betting. Two, do […]

Slots An Option In Ohio’s Racetracks

Slot machines in racetracks are nothing new. In fact, there are already many racetracks across the country which have slot machines available to the patrons. In Ohio, however, slot machines are not allowed – YET. If the Ohio government decides to do so, then horseracing enthusiasts might just be treated to slot machines! The Columbus […]

Get Your Dose Of Horse Racing From Dish

As much as I would want to go to a horse race everyday and witness the excitement first hand, it simply is not possible. For one, the nearest horse racing track is many miles away. More so, I don’t think that I can afford to watch an event every single day. The nearest thing that […]

Wild Horse Racing Anyone?

Have you had your fill of thoroughbred racing? I highly doubt it – you can never get enough of that, can you? You have to admit though, that sometimes, you feel this yearning for some diversion, something different. If this is true for you, then you might be interested in wild horse racing. Yes, there […]

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