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Equine Flu Gets Worse

With the news last week about equine flu cases in Australia, I am sure that many horse racing enthusiasts felt pangs of anxiety.  Imagine those who have stakes on those horses and the upcoming races – how do they feel now?  Despite the ban that was meant to stop the spread of the flu before […]

Equine Flu Freezes Australian Racing Industry

A three-day ban has been implemented in major locations in Australia due to the outbreak of equine flu in Sydney.  Affected areas are New South Wales, Queensland, Victoria, South Australia, Western Australia and Tasmania.  The ban disallows the transport of horses in an effort to contain the highly contagious disease. The equine flu is a […]

The British Horse Racing Authority

As we have been talking about horse racing in the UK in the last few posts, I thought that you guys would be interested in this press release regarding the new authority in the British side of horse racing: The British Horseracing Authority was formally launched yesterday [July 31] as the single, unified governing body […]

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